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Epicenter Innovation® is an award-winning professional services firm driven by human-centered, resilience-focused innovation. Our team is here to help you implement a proven framework for creating impact & unlocking the potential of your people.

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We exist to empower Resilience Innovators™ & save lives

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Resilience & Innovation Go Hand-in-Hand

We work with Resilience Innovators from two main groups: (1) emergency management & public safety professionals in nonprofit, government, or quasi-government organizations like healthcare and higher education, as well as (2) safety technology developers & other for-profit companies engaged in creating solutions for the disaster management landscape.

We’re the connective tissue between organizations that produce technology and those in the field using it. By working on both sides of the public/private-sector divide, we serve as translators & change-makers at all phases of the disaster management lifecycle – driving human-centered, resilience-focused innovation before, during, and after major incidents.

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An award-winning team committed to your success

We think differently about safety-related opportunities & challenges.

Our approach works. We’ve won awards from around the globe and across numerous industries for our work & the innovative, resilience-focused solutions we create for our clients. 

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Our people work on cutting edge problems that impact countless communities & save millions of lives. By working with our team you’ll understand why our clients say that Resilience Innovators “think differently” by approaching tough challenges with a unique skillset.

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Epicenter’s team is incredibly diverse, with core competencies ranging from comprehensive emergency management and cybersecurity to marketing and community engagement.

Award-winning emergency manager, entrepreneur, and international speaker. He has worked with tens of thousands of high-performing leaders from startup, enterprise, and government organizations like FEMA, Google, the National Academy of Sciences, and other recognizable brands across the globe. With past roles at every level of government, he is sought after by leaders from both the public and private sectors and his insights on resilience and innovation have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Emergency Management Magazine, CBS, NBC, and others.

Christopher Tarantino

Founder & CEO

A unique team of professional innovators, instructors, facilitators, designers, and other thought leaders from across the public safety & emergency management space. No two Resilience Innovators have the same background, expertise, or approach to their work. Our team excels because we actually engage them at a deep level, explore opportunities to grow their skillsets, elevate their expertise & the way they uniquely provide value to the community, and empower them to solve problems.

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By connecting the needs of public safety professionals with private-sector technology, our unique approach to emergency management brings together the tools, learning, and practical experience needed to connect disparate industries & create an impact before, during, and after major disasters.