Strategic Consulting for Emergency Management Solutions Providers


The opportunity presented by the emergency management industry is vast. We’ll work with your team to refine your product or service offerings to meet the needs of public safety professionals, create a meaningful impact during crisis, and leverage your existing business development systems to grow your operation.

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re just launching your solution to the public safety market, developing a new product line, considering the value of your existing portfolio in the emergency management market, or just trying to enhance your existing government-focused business – we can help you.


- SME Focus Groups

- Solution Review Panels

- Market Research & Mapping

- Business Planning & Executive Coaching

- Market Penetration Planning


- Strategy Days

- Design Thinking Workshops

- Product / Service Review

- Industry Familiarization

- Strategic Consulting


- Content Marketing & Sales Enablement

- Speaking & Conference Programming

- White-label Training Design & Delivery

- Field Testing of Solutions

- Customer Success & Retention

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With Decades of Experience

Public Safety Industry Experts

Helping innovative public safety solutions reach the emergency management market isn’t just something we do – it’s built into our DNA. Because we’ve worked with both users and developers of disaster technology solutions for decades, we know how to guide you and your team to success.

Whether you’re just prototyping your hardware, pilot testing your SaaS platform, or you’ve been in business for years, our team of subject matter experts will help refine your offering, develop your value proposition, and develop strategies with you to capture this unique and complex market opportunity.


What our Resilience Innovators are saying...

Amber K.

Incident Commander & Associate Professor of Cybersecurity | Utica College

"The work of emergency management, and especially disaster communication, has been rapidly evolving. The way that Epicenter Innovation connects traditional marketing, risk communication, and disaster principles is a significant step forward in creating stronger relationships and building trust with the public."

Gayle D.


"Epicenter Innovation worked with our marketing department to create and modify unique content to connect with our niche - their team provided exceptional content... Simply outstanding!"

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Resilience Innovators

Build Resilience. Drive Innovation. Save Lives.

Don’t know where to start? The Resilience Innovator Coaching & Consulting Program is how many of our clients choose to start their relationship with us. While some clients know exactly what they need and already have a plan for breaking into or enhancing their public safety-focused business, often we find that the foundational elements of their program need work to ensure they and their organization receive the most value.

That’s where our coaches come in. Your dedicated coach will provide the tools, templates, resources, assessments, and weekly one-on-one guidance you need to work through your toughest business development, content marketing, and other challenges. You’ll also get access to the Resilience Innovator Learning Lab for private trainings and workshop sessions specifically designed for organizations like yours. We’ll help develop your strategy for growth, provide “ground truth” and insight on your target market & feature set, and ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

From there, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need & will have developed enough leadership buy-in to have us help with white-label training, sales enablement, emergency response team development, and other specific projects.

Work With Our Team of Resilience Innovators

Our people work on cutting edge problems that impact countless communities & save millions of lives. By working with our team you’ll understand why our clients say that Resilience Innovators “think differently” by approaching tough challenges with a unique skillset.

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