Epicenter Innovation exists to empower Resilience Innovators with coaching, consulting, and support services to help them realize their true potential and ultimately save lives.

About Epicenter Innovation

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Technology companies, nonprofits, event venues, disaster response teams, and training consortiums work with us for all-hazards mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


Local, county, state, federal, tribal, and other public-sector entities involved in emergency management, disaster response, and homeland security work with us for virtual and in-person deployment needs.


Startups, training consortiums, nonprofits, disaster response teams, research groups, event venues, and technology companies utilize our team to evaluate their products, build their business, and supplement in-house capabilities.

Build the future with innovation. Create an impact. Become a Resilience Innovator.

Christopher Tarantino

CEO & Founder | Epicenter Innovation 

Work with experienced, emergency management-focused innovators that think differently about complex problems. By working on both sides of the innovation/resilience equation, we bring unique tools & experience to support you and your team during your most critical moments. We are practitioners, designers, explorers, translators, educators, coaches, entrepreneurs, and guides with a passion for building resilience.

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What We Offer


One of our core values is to ENGAGE. With that in mind, we’ve created several avenues for Resilience Innovators to connect with and learn from one another in a judgment-free / sales-free environment. 

Open events include our Resilience Innovator Book Club and TED Member Conversations (previously TED Circles), while more casual engagement opportunities include virtual and in-person happy hours, meetups, and other educational events. 

Attend one of these events and you’ll find an engaged group of seasoned emergency managers as well as early-career professionals, all collaborating to create the future of human-centered, resilience-focused innovation. The informal setting allows for authentic and vulnerable discussions of challenging issues from across public- and private sectors.

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What our Resilience Innovators are saying...

Keri Stoever
Keri Stoever

LabX Program Officer | National Academy of Sciences

“Working with Epicenter Innovation has been an amazing experience. They were able to take our initial vision and turn it into a project we never could have imagined on our own. Their team is both friendly and professional and I highly recommend anyone operating in the resilience space to consider working with them.”

Austen Givens
Austen Givens

Incident Commander & Associate Professor of Cybersecurity | Utica College

“Epicenter Innovation worked for over a year with the Utica College Campus Emergency Management Team to help us mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a wide range of hazards. In the early days, our team’s capabilities were rudimentary, our training was uneven, and few of our processes were documented in the formal sense. Epicenter Innovation was indispensable in strengthening our working knowledge of concepts like the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS), assessing risks to raise awareness of the hazards our institution faces, and increasing our confidence when responding to crises of any size or scope.”

Amber Kent
Amber Kent

Communications Manager | Indiana Department of Homeland Security

“The work of emergency management, and especially disaster communication, has been rapidly evolving. The way that Epicenter Innovation connects traditional marketing, risk communication, and disaster principles is a significant step forward in creating stronger relationships and building trust with the public. Even more valuable is the opportunities they provide to connect, discuss, and learn with other practitioners who truly care about building a stronger, more resilient nation.”

Partners, Students & Clients


By connecting the needs of public safety professionals with private-sector technology, our unique approach to emergency management brings together the tools, learning, and practical experience needed to connect disparate industries & create an impact before, during, and after major disasters.