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Human-centered innovation for emergency management

Let’s connect public safety and emergency management with innovation that matters.



Technology companies, nonprofits, event venues, disaster response teams, and training consortiums work with us for all-hazards mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


Local, county, state, federal, tribal, and other public-sector entities involved in emergency management, disaster response, and homeland security work with us for virtual and in-person deployment needs.


Startups, training consortiums, nonprofits, disaster response teams, research groups, event venues, and technology companies utilize our team to evaluate their products, build their business, and supplement in-house capabilities.


The Epicenter Innovation team works with government agencies, colleges & universities, healthcare associations/coalitions & hospitals, private-sector technology companies, training consortiums, disaster response teams, and nonprofit organizations. Our team starts every project with our core belief that resilience and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Our team is incredibly diverse, with core competencies ranging from comprehensive emergency management and cybersecurity to business transformation and marketing to community engagement and deployment support. The team’s disparate skillsets allow for a collaborative approach and a fresh perspective. Our skills, talents, and knowledge produce a unique set of tools different from traditional emergency managers’ tools.


EDSU enhances the technological capabilities of public and private sector organizations during critical planned events and emerging incidents. Our subject matter experts and trusted technologists activate together to augment the capabilities of existing incident structures.

Our deployment teams are agile and flexible. To optimize operational support, we offer both in-person and virtual deployments. EDSU’s deep bench of technical specialists and incident management mentors are available to support organizations of all sizes, enhancing disaster response and recovery, training and exercises, and planned events.

The EDSU assists healthcare organizations, higher education institutions, government agencies, and the private sector with:

  • Communications Strategy & Execution
  • Technology & Training
  • In-Person & Virtual Operations Support


In 2018, the emergency management and public safety sectors were valued at $75,464,000. At that time, a 24% rate of growth was expected between 2018-2025. The public safety sector and emergency management spaces are inherently complex to introduce and sell new products and services to. Breaking through requires intimate insider knowledge and know-how to navigate the system. Ready-for-market technologies that show promise of providing solid solutions for public safety, emergency management, or first responders is our focus. We only work with companies that can solve a real problem. Through rigorous vetting and due diligence, our expert technologists assist companies by evaluating market potential as well as product scalability. For new products or venture capitalists looking for insight into the viability of their offering, our EDSU team conducts disaster technology research. Through product testing, feedback, data collection, and market research support, our technologists provide insight into viability, target user experience, feature design, and other aspects of go-to-market product strategy.

When resilience and innovation are disconnected, people suffer.

Your community is counting on you.

The reactive nature of emergency management results in missed opportunity, lagging innovation, and underserved communities. While other industries are advancing at a staggering rate, public safety & global resilience stagnate by fearing risk & tolerating inaction. The stakes are too high to ignore.


Build the future with innovation

Create An Impact – Become A Resilience Innovator.

Work with experienced, emergency management-focused innovators that think differently about complex problems. By working on both sides of the innovation/resilience equation, we bring unique tools & experience to support you and your team during your most critical moments. We are practitioners, designers, explorers, translators, educators, coaches, entrepreneurs, and guides with a passion for building resilience.

Let’s bring innovation and resilience together.

The Epicenter Innovation team envisions a future where people are confident and competent in their work. In the emergency management industry, there is a fundamental distrust in growth. It is time to break from doing what we’ve always done because it is “safe.” Innovation is key to building resilient programs and communities.

We think differently. We move fast. We pivot and adapt.

And, we encourage you to do the same.



Create an impact – become a Resilience Innovator.

Keri Stoever

“Working with Epicenter Innovation has been an amazing experience. They were able to take our initial vision and turn it into a project we never could have imagined on our own. Their team is both friendly and professional and I highly recommend anyone operating in the resilience space to consider working with them.”

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Keri Stoever

LabX Program Officer
National Academy of Sciences

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“Epicenter Innovation worked for over a year with the Utica College Campus Emergency Management Team to help us mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a wide range of hazards. In the early days, our team’s capabilities were rudimentary, our training was uneven, and few of our processes were documented in the formal sense. Epicenter Innovation was indispensable in strengthening our working knowledge of concepts like the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS), assessing risks to raise awareness of the hazards our institution faces, and increasing our confidence when responding to crises of any size or scope.”

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Austen Givens

Incident Commander & Associate Professor of Cybersecurity
Utica College

Amber Kent

“The work of emergency management, and especially disaster communication, has been rapidly evolving. The way that Epicenter Innovation connects traditional marketing, risk communication, and disaster principles is a significant step forward in creating stronger relationships and building trust with the public. Even more valuable is the opportunities they provide to connect, discuss, and learn with other practitioners who truly care about building a stronger, more resilient nation.”

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Amber Kent

Communications Manager
Indiana Department of Homeland Security

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One of our core values is to ENGAGE. With that in mind, we’ve created several avenues for individuals working in emergency management to engage with one another in a judgment-free / sales-free environment. Structured events include our Emergency Management Book Club and TED Circles, while more casual engagement opportunities include virtual and in-person happy hours and meetups. These programs serve many purposes and provide mutual benefits.

Our engagement programs allow below to connect across diverse and wide-ranging perspectives. Epicenter Innovation’s Emergency Management Book Club has grown across multiple countries and stretches from coast to coast. Attend one of our events and you’ll find seasoned emergency managers alongside college students. The informal setting allows for authentic and vulnerable discussions of challenging issues.

We curate relevant books for the Emergency Management Book Club and timely TED Circles videos to allow seasoned emergency managers to connect with the next generation — and for the next generation to learn from the valued experience of those that came before them. The programs encourage networking, informal discussions, and they foster authentic relationships.

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