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Resilience Innovators are change-makers, influencers, and leaders dedicated to making the world a safer place. They use innovative methods, tools, and techniques to inspire action and keep their stakeholders engaged in their resilience-building efforts. Our programs & educational content are purpose-built for professionals like you.

Resilience Innovator Spotlight

Jason Tavares

Jason joined the Resilience Innovator Coaching & Consulting Program in 2021. As the Director of Institutional Resilience at Westmont College and as a relatively new emergency manager, he utilizes his coach for best practices related to program design, training/exercise development, and gaining leadership buy-in for his resilience-building initiatives. This was done through:

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Private Sector Emergency Management​

"Resilience and Innovation can both be achieved through meaningful iteration. Let's find a place to start and build the plan to get better every day."

Matt Green

Government Emergency Management

"Being innovative is the key to being resilient. The first step is finding the courage to not do things the same way just because it’s the way they have always been done."

Kate Murphy

Healthcare Emergency Management

"My first major disaster came three months after my appointment as Emergency Management Coordinator in Texas. Without my mentors I’d have been lost. Classroom training can only take you so far"

Chuck Fraizer

Private Sector Emergency Management​

"A capable Emergency Management coach can help elevate control and coordination when a situation is chaotic and calamitous"

Lindsey Mercile

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About the Program


You’ll have access to your coach on a weekly basis throughout the program & can utilize your time to discuss just about anything from program evolution & specific issues impacting your work to professional development and career growth. You and your coach work together to handle the issues and opportunities that matter most to you so you can get as much as possible out of your time together.

Your coach will also serve as the conduit to the rest of the Epicenter Innovation team – if you need specific guidance or support in a specialized area you can always swap out one of your regular sessions for a meeting with another Resilience Innovator (e.g. you’ve been working with your coach on all-hazards emergency planning, but now have a full-scale exercise coming up & would like to speak to a Master Exercise Practitioner). Weekly sessions are 30-45 minutes, on average.

About the Program


Coaching & consulting used to be reserved only for executives or extremely large organizations with big budgets. This program was designed to remove the barriers & ensure everyone in the fields of emergency management & public safety can get the support they need to get to the next level.

About the Program


Shortly after signing up, you’ll be matched with a Resilience Innovator from the Epicenter Innovation coaching team that is hand-selected based on your unique needs, style, aspirations, and responses to our intake form/questionnaire. This individual will be your dedicated coach for the duration of your time in the program & will be your go-to resource for coaching & consulting.

About the Program


The entire investment for a 12-month membership in the program with a dedicated
coach is less than $1,000 per month. In addition to getting access to our
benchmarking surveys, assessments, and the other tools associated with your
coaching experience, you’ll also get free access to the Epicenter Deployment
Support Unit (EDSU), select programs within the Epicenter Innovation “Learning
Lab,” as well as our world-class engagement programming at no extra cost.

About the Program


Sign up today & you could be matched with a coach in as little as one week. Imagine what it will feel like to have someone in your corner to support you & help you (and your programs) grow!

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Our people work on cutting edge problems that impact countless communities & save millions of lives. By working with our team you’ll understand why our clients say that Resilience Innovators “think differently” by approaching tough challenges with a unique skillset.

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By connecting the needs of public safety professionals with private-sector technology, our unique approach to emergency management brings together the tools, learning, and practical experience needed to connect disparate industries & create an impact before, during, and after major disasters.