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Deployment Support Services

Let’s connect public safety and emergency management with innovation that matters.


Epicenter Deployment Support Unit (EDSU) is a flexible and diverse team of emergency managers that respond in-person or virtually to enhance, manage, and support emergency management and technology capabilities during times of crisis, emerging incidents, or planned events. For virtual deployments, we can respond within minutes while for most in-person deployments, we can be on-site within hours.

Our trusted technologists and incident management and emergency management experts augment the capabilities of existing incident structures, providing support, when needed, where needed as a whole team or a single resource. EDSU is available for deployments 24/7/365.

Lean on EDSU — we stand ready to support your team.


Do you need support NOW? Fill out the EDSU MISSION REQUEST above and our team will respond within the hour.

  • Situational awareness & social media monitoring
  • Remote coordination & logistics



For planned events, emergencies, disasters, or long-term emergency management programs, our team can be onsite immediately.

  • ICS leadership & support
  • Technical specialists & technology support



Our EDSU team can respond, in-person, within hours of contract signing. For extended deployments, our technologists can

  • ICS section chiefs & supporting positions
  • Hard-to-find technical specialists (social media, UAS, GIS, etc.)
  • Subject matter experts and mentors
  • Just-in-time training
  • Incident evaluation and observation
  • Technology support and training

When your planned event or crisis response needs are complete, we can provide in-depth after action reports. Our specialized incident observers & evaluators can collect the information necessary throughout an incident to create the most powerful after-action report possible.


Our expertise and our connections allow us to be fully engaged and responsive without travel. When a hazard or event is on your radar, we can help you plan, respond, and recover. Contact us if you need immediate assistance with…

  • Distributed situational awareness
  • Social media monitoring
  • Crisis communications
  • Technology management and support
  • On-call emergency management SME mentoring and guidance
  • Just-in-time training

Build the future with innovation

Create an impact - become a Resilience Innovator.

Work with experienced, emergency management-focused innovators that think differently about complex problems. By working on both sides of the innovation/resilience equation, we bring unique tools & experience to support you and your team during your most critical moments. We are practitioners, designers, explorers, translators, educators, coaches, entrepreneurs, and guides with a passion for building resilience.


Create a impact -- become a Resilience Innovator


What your needs truly are and learn how we can work together.


The most important challenges and opportunities to address now with an experienced coach.


The solution to these challenges using our proven process.


Create an impact – become a Resilience Innovator.

Keri Stoever

“Working with Epicenter Innovation has been an amazing experience. They were able to take our initial vision and turn it into a project we never could have imagined on our own. Their team is both friendly and professional and I highly recommend anyone operating in the resilience space to consider working with them.”

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Keri Stoever

LabX Program Officer
National Academy of Sciences

Slide 4

“Epicenter Innovation worked for over a year with the Utica College Campus Emergency Management Team to help us mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a wide range of hazards. In the early days, our team’s capabilities were rudimentary, our training was uneven, and few of our processes were documented in the formal sense. Epicenter Innovation was indispensable in strengthening our working knowledge of concepts like the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS), assessing risks to raise awareness of the hazards our institution faces, and increasing our confidence when responding to crises of any size or scope.”

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Austen Givens

Incident Commander & Associate Professor of Cybersecurity
Utica College

Amber Kent

“The work of emergency management, and especially disaster communication, has been rapidly evolving. The way that Epicenter Innovation connects traditional marketing, risk communication, and disaster principles is a significant step forward in creating stronger relationships and building trust with the public. Even more valuable is the opportunities they provide to connect, discuss, and learn with other practitioners who truly care about building a stronger, more resilient nation.”

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Amber Kent

Communications Manager
Indiana Department of Homeland Security

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