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17 September, 2021

L-Tron is a hardware and software solutions company focused on automating data collection for the public sector — including law enforcement. L-Tron created a barcode scanner for electronic ticketing that quickly captures driver’s license information, registration information, and license plate information. L-Tron’s vision was for their barcode scanners to be in the hands of every police officer in the nation.

The Challenge: Slow adoption of eTicketing within law enforcement
The Solution: Through Epicenter Innovation’s business transformation program, the team lead L-Tron to change the overall brand and marketing messaging from “efficiency” to “safety.” L-Tron was coached, from the perspective of first responders and emergency managers, that while efficiency is important, safety of police officers standing on the road writing a ticket, is vital. This shift in the brand dramatically increased saturation in the market, and L-Tron now has an entire emergency management division.


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