The Anatomy of a World-Changing Idea: Extreme Event Game

In this webinar, Epicenter Innovation CEO & Founder Christopher Tarantino and LabX Program Officer Keri Stoever detail the evolution of LabX’s Extreme Event game and its certification program. You’ll learn all about the game itself, how to become a certified trainer, and how using this tabletop could help build resilience in your communities.

Assessments: Why They Matter and What They Can Do

In this webinar, CEO & Founder Christopher Tarantino details the benefits of assessments. You’ll learn the different types of assessments available, why assessments are invaluable for team-building, and how to utilize results to build more resilient environments.

“Call of Duty” to Duty Calls: Lessons Learned from the Cameron Peak Fire

In this webinar, Emergency Management Coordinator for Larimer Co., CO Kohl Parrott provides a case study on how his OEM dealt with the realities of building a virtual EOC. You’ll learn about the online-gaming platform Discord, how you can build hybrid EOCs as the pandemic shifts into a new phase, and how to innovate in the face of crisis.

The Disengaged Emergency Manager

In this webinar, Director of Engagement Matt Green dives deep on the specific stressors that might cause burnout in Emergency Managers. You’ll learn about the unique challenges that EMs face, why team-building is important to balance, and how to build more innovative cultures to become more resilient.

IMT Innovation: Lessons from COVID-19 and Beyond

In this webinar, Solutions Advisor Kitty Doenges breaks down the changes in Incident Management Teams since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll learn all about innovation in situational awareness, improvements in just-in-time training, and the work of the Epicenter Deployment Support Unit (EDSU).

Goal Setting with SMART Goals

In this webinar, Solutions Advisor Kitty Doenges gives a crash course in goal setting. You’ll learn the value of making goals SMART, the psychology behind motivation, and the importance of disciplined practice when setting goals.

Training & Exercise Program Management for Resilience Innovators

In this webinar, CEO & Founder Christopher Tarantino details best practices for training & exercise programs. You’ll learn about why training & exercise programs often fail, how varying learning formats can help build resilience, and how implementing strategic planning workshops can motivate your team.